The S2P Integration Model: delivering sustainable value

Our commitment is to enable our clients to realise sustainable, value‑generating procurement solutions. Success relies on an understanding of the overarching strategy, ensuring that any new process is fit for purpose for the organisation’s maturity level, and the effective integration of three key assets: systems, process and people.

In answer to this, we have developed the S2P Integration Model that ensures complete integration regardless of the size, state, or maturity level of your business. The model consists of four supporting focusses: Understand, Implement, Enhance and Value Check.

Within these focusses, we follow a true cloud implementation method that iterates through governance, alignment, configuration, integration and deployment.


From the micro to the macro, and all things operational in between, we partner with our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of their business and strategy, to ensure that you get exactly what you need, and nothing that you don’t.


SCP implements the world’s leading supply chain solutions, and our end-to-end expert knowledge proves invaluable in allowing us to do so in a way that maximizes output and effectivity.


The solutions we implement work straight out the box. But because no two businesses are alike, we provide fit-for-purpose enhancements that ensure you get the most value possible, through a solution that has been expertly crafted to work for you.

Value Check

All solutions are robust and made to last, but proactive Value Checks ensure that over time your business consistently gets the most from its investment. A need to change may arise as result of an operational shift in your business, or simply due to time passed.



Contact us for a procurement evaluation that will define what value means for you,

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